Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gotta Love 69.1 The Lost Notebook

We ran 2 hard last night. One death total. It was as standard a night as they come. Z would pull with dispell, Kredd would snare, and everyone else would mow em down. The only change... no kiting tonight. Kredd tanked them all straight up so that was a huge success, and Elandra never ran outta mana.

Phirefist got Translocational Anchor AA, it was a nice way to keep gating mobs from making a train.

Total for the night;
Exp gained=7 to 8 AA each
Upgrades=Elandra got a

Friday, April 28, 2006

1 Group, no Guild, LFA

Probably the biggest challenge our group faces is what 1 group of casual (10 hours a week) games can do without the help of a big guild. We guilded all of our accounts with the help of a few friends so that we could get the benefit of a guild hall and guild tribute, but we really only have 1 group in the guild.

I read a lot, and some of the class message boards (, , ). I read "easily 1 grouped" a lot. This means something totally different to most people then it does to our group. They mean "it's easily grouped with 1 group if that one group is equiped with uber equipment gained from hundreds of guild raids, and all the equipment has 200+ HP on every slot. To us it means it may be possible for us if we have perfect execution, use all of our Veteran AA's, have the necessary classes, get lucky, and if the target is from an expansion that is about a year old.

DoN was a great expansion for us. It had numerous 1 group instanced missions, that came in varied difficulty levels. We started out doing , and then , then . These were great. We got good experience and we got crystals. The best part is the crystals were tradeable. So unlike LDON, which had us upgrading all at the same time as we earned points, in DoN we would trade all the crystals to Kredd and he would gear up. Sure we had the others get soem good focus effect augs, but mostly we geared up our tank so he would not die so fast on big mobs. We could do 3 missions a night, and at 40 x 6 = 240 crystals a mission, we would have 720 crystals at the end of the night. That's enough for 2 gear slot upgrades of . Beats spending months in LDON.

DoDH was good as well. We are still hitting it pretty hard. An instanced mission that nets everyone in the group an upgrade, plus an extra random drop that is usually an upgrade as well is perfect now that our tank is geared well. I doubt we will be able to finish a whole mission arc anytime soon though so 69 and 70 spells are still one of our unrealized goals.

We have not spent the money on PoR yet since we have gone only about 15% thru the DoDH missions, but it looks like PoR might have some stuff that our group can really "1 Group" for upgrades. Hopefully the price will come down before we buy, $210 for 7 accounts sure is a lot.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Days Gone By

Our Family had a decent week. We took our first try at DODH mission 68.1 . We figured getting the would be less painful then getting the one from Lcea Katta (see previos post). The mission is easy, just find your way to a spot in Stoneroot Falls to get a mission flag. We sent Picka in sneak/hide for this. Then you zone into an instanced version of Stoneroot Falls and kill 25 spiders, hitting for 1kish. It took us about and hour and we were done, no deaths, no challenge... 1 upgrade for Kredd.

Then we did again in unrest. Took us about an hour, got Kredd the . We also got a ... 2 loot from 1 chest was nice. We sold this in the Bazaar.

The next night would be a short one due to limited play time, so we headed to 69.1 hard again to do some kiting. This is some of the best experience for us. Kredd kites while everyone else kills. We always have a few deaths from agro problems, but never any wipes that set us back a half hour. Elandra suprised everyone by overnuking and dying twice... go go cleric power.

We did not finish the mission due to time, but it was nice to see Kredd able to tank the first non kitable mobs on a CH rotation only from Elandra. The first time we did this one, it was fast heals all the way. Progression for us sure seems slow, but it is noticable when you revisit something you have done before and see how much easier it is. On the same note, Kredd filled his last type 7/8 augment slot, so we will be throwing out augs for him whenever he gets upgrades. That is something new for us.

Total for the week;
Exp Gained=4-5 AA each
Upgrades=2 for Kredd. and
Lessons Learned=any progress is good progress.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lcea Katta goes down

Wednesday we went looking for a new mask for Kredd. Lcea Katta is a perfect target because she can drop an . This have very good AC and she is one groupable. We had tried her before, long ago, but never killed her. So tonight we all headed in.

She only hits in the 800's, and is fully slowable, so she is not that tough. She does however, proc an unresistable 54 second charm. This makes things a bit tricky when your group only has 1 tank. Our plan was to bring in our 7th member, Quiwi, a level 62 druid on a seldom used account. I 3 boxed Zandoff, Phirefist, and Quiwi. Quiwi's only job was to chain cast on Kredd. Kredd went in unbuffed, so anytime he got charmed, Quiwi would strip the charm off him within 6 seconds.

Boy she has a ton of hit points. We are a damage heavy group and it was a 15 min fight. There were many points where a pet would get charmed because they hit her from the front and a reposte got them charmed. Things went well till Kredd got charmed, then Tinybit got charmed, then Zandoff got charmed, then Phirefist got charmed. I am sure there were pets charmed as well. Kredd was the first to come out of it, thanks to Quiwi. But everyone else was out of the fight a full 54 seconds. After being charmed, I never knew how close to death Lcea was. Her HP bar showed one thing on Zandoff, another on Quiwi, and another on Phirefist.

Kredd got upset at Phirefist and procedded to smash him into a bloody pile of yellow cloth before Quiwi could uncharm Kredd. Then shortly after, Lcea died. It was not a tough fight because the opponent was tough, it was tough because of the coordination needed to deal with the charm. Stacking buffs in the correct order on all but the tanks, and being able to communicate that one of your characters is charmed is key. Having everyone 2 box helps this. If one char is charmed, you just type from your other char.

She didn't drop the belt... we will see her again.

Total for the night;
Exp gained=1 kill
Upgrades=Tinybit got
Lessons Learned=After carefully stacking buffs, make sure you dispell the first one so charm doesnt land in the back. Also, having a charmed Zandoff trying to kill you is something similar to having a go after you.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

70.1 Preemptive Strike

We had a not so successful night last night. It was our first try at the DoDH 70.1 mission. We got to the mission just fine, then had trouble with the pit once we started pulling. There is an invisible pit straight out from the zone-in. Obviously if you run over it, you fall into a big pile-o-mobs down below. This wasn't our problem, the mobs we would pull would fall in the pit to. We kept zoning out cause we knew a train was forthcoming.

Once we got the entrance cleared I sent Phirefist's out to do some scouting, and found the chest we needed was underwater. At this point we decided not to try and finish the mission, but to see how we would do against the boss, the .

After clearing any possible adds, Kredd pulled with snare. I landed Tash but slow would not stick. I landed Cripple instead. Kredd had every buff we could come up with. I had cast Rune on him, he had Divine Intervention, Convo, self buffs, and . Zandoff was the first to go down from rampage damage. Z's 6k HP didn't last long enough when he got hit with 800, 1400, 1800, 670, 1400 in about 4 seconds. Kredd went down next, followed by Picka a second later. The others managed to zone out. Total fight time, 15 seconds max.

So without a 2nd healer, and without a shaman disease slow, and without a warrior defensive disc, we don't really have a chance at this guy anytime soon. There are some things in EQ that you just can't do without certain classes. SOE puts these encounters in the game so each class gets to be important at some point I guess. But it really hurts when you try to do things with the same group, and your group doesn't have the classes needed. I hurts more when your whole group won't be getting their level 70 DoDH spell because of it.

Total for the night;
Exp gained=about an AA each
Lessons hopefully learned=don't look directly at a nekid troll, it's like looking at the sun... it stays burned into your eyes for far too long.

Friday, April 07, 2006


One of the challenges of multi boxing is moving everyone in a timely matter. /Follow does not work so well in places. requires you to run through past some see invis mobs, and make it into the instanced zone. Doing this with multi peeps is rough, and takes us forever. We had finished The Lost Gnomes on the normal setting, but the hard meant it would take us longer to complete, and therefore we needed to get into the zone earlier.

We started at about 8:15 and finally all 6 of us made it into the zone at 9:15. Then on the 3rd pull we got 2 unmezzable adds (don't let the enchanter pull hehe). Kredd, Zandoff and Tinybit went down fast, but Elandra managed to zone out and thankfully no mobs were on the other side of the zoneout. She zoned back in and rezzed us and saved a wipe of the night.

Kredd and Zandoff pull. Zandoff pulls with to strip off the nasty self buff called that a lot of DoDH mobs have. Then Kredd snares, Z will tash and slow, and hopefully we have the mob all ready to get mowed down once he is in camp. Now when snare doesn't land, or when we get adds, things go bad fast and the pullteam just dies rather then training the rest of the group. I think Z and K died about 10 times that night.

After 2 hours we only had 2 gnomes finished, and the first 2 rooms cleared. So with only about 45 minutes left to play we decided to clear the large 3rd room. Got another gnome fast, then had a few pullteam wipes in a row. We were now an hour past bedtime with 1 gnome left. Kredd tries splitting a 3 spawn camp but dies. "I'm done" he says from back at his spawn point. I eyed the 2 eggs at the camp, and the 3 mobs hovering over Kredd's body a short distance away.
I made a short arc around the mobs, ran by both eggs spamming my /Open key, and made another arc back to a safe spot. I turned and saw our 4th gnome tanking the 3 mobs Kredd had died to. I fired off 3 mezzes, no resists, and the gnome was still alive! After that it was a quick run to the zone, with a gnome in tow, and a quick death for Zandoff after the mezzers arived and we had finished! Gratz to the casters on their new , and to Kredd and Picka on their new , and to Picka for a new .

This was a mission that tested our playing skills, our resolve, and our characters progress equipment wise. It was one I enjoyed, but doing it again for the for Kredd will come a little later in our career hehe.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


My name is Zandoff and I am a level 70 Enchanter in on The Rathe server. I have played EQ since it's public launch. I played a few characters before settling on an Enchanter, joined a few guilds, rose to Raid Leader status in Celestial Knights, and finally discovered what I really wanted to do in Everquest.

I really wanted to play the game with my RL father, and Cousin. Recently we were joined by my father's roommate. We play 2 times a week most weeks, Monday and Wednesday from 8pm CST to Midnight. The 3 to 4 of us play a total of 6 characters (sometimes 7) while . Our Family is the name of our guild.

The group looks like this;
70 Enchanter
also 2 boxing 70 Wizard
70 Shadowknight
also 2 boxing 70 Cleric
70 Rogue
70 Necromancer

Tinybit is sometimes 2 Boxed by Picka.

Over the course of this blog I hope to share our story. The frustrations and joys of 2 boxing 1 group with real life family in the world of Everquest.

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