Friday, April 28, 2006

1 Group, no Guild, LFA

Probably the biggest challenge our group faces is what 1 group of casual (10 hours a week) games can do without the help of a big guild. We guilded all of our accounts with the help of a few friends so that we could get the benefit of a guild hall and guild tribute, but we really only have 1 group in the guild.

I read a lot, and some of the class message boards (, , ). I read "easily 1 grouped" a lot. This means something totally different to most people then it does to our group. They mean "it's easily grouped with 1 group if that one group is equiped with uber equipment gained from hundreds of guild raids, and all the equipment has 200+ HP on every slot. To us it means it may be possible for us if we have perfect execution, use all of our Veteran AA's, have the necessary classes, get lucky, and if the target is from an expansion that is about a year old.

DoN was a great expansion for us. It had numerous 1 group instanced missions, that came in varied difficulty levels. We started out doing , and then , then . These were great. We got good experience and we got crystals. The best part is the crystals were tradeable. So unlike LDON, which had us upgrading all at the same time as we earned points, in DoN we would trade all the crystals to Kredd and he would gear up. Sure we had the others get soem good focus effect augs, but mostly we geared up our tank so he would not die so fast on big mobs. We could do 3 missions a night, and at 40 x 6 = 240 crystals a mission, we would have 720 crystals at the end of the night. That's enough for 2 gear slot upgrades of . Beats spending months in LDON.

DoDH was good as well. We are still hitting it pretty hard. An instanced mission that nets everyone in the group an upgrade, plus an extra random drop that is usually an upgrade as well is perfect now that our tank is geared well. I doubt we will be able to finish a whole mission arc anytime soon though so 69 and 70 spells are still one of our unrealized goals.

We have not spent the money on PoR yet since we have gone only about 15% thru the DoDH missions, but it looks like PoR might have some stuff that our group can really "1 Group" for upgrades. Hopefully the price will come down before we buy, $210 for 7 accounts sure is a lot.


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