Tuesday, April 11, 2006

70.1 Preemptive Strike

We had a not so successful night last night. It was our first try at the DoDH 70.1 mission. We got to the mission just fine, then had trouble with the pit once we started pulling. There is an invisible pit straight out from the zone-in. Obviously if you run over it, you fall into a big pile-o-mobs down below. This wasn't our problem, the mobs we would pull would fall in the pit to. We kept zoning out cause we knew a train was forthcoming.

Once we got the entrance cleared I sent Phirefist's out to do some scouting, and found the chest we needed was underwater. At this point we decided not to try and finish the mission, but to see how we would do against the boss, the .

After clearing any possible adds, Kredd pulled with snare. I landed Tash but slow would not stick. I landed Cripple instead. Kredd had every buff we could come up with. I had cast Rune on him, he had Divine Intervention, Convo, self buffs, and . Zandoff was the first to go down from rampage damage. Z's 6k HP didn't last long enough when he got hit with 800, 1400, 1800, 670, 1400 in about 4 seconds. Kredd went down next, followed by Picka a second later. The others managed to zone out. Total fight time, 15 seconds max.

So without a 2nd healer, and without a shaman disease slow, and without a warrior defensive disc, we don't really have a chance at this guy anytime soon. There are some things in EQ that you just can't do without certain classes. SOE puts these encounters in the game so each class gets to be important at some point I guess. But it really hurts when you try to do things with the same group, and your group doesn't have the classes needed. I hurts more when your whole group won't be getting their level 70 DoDH spell because of it.

Total for the night;
Exp gained=about an AA each
Lessons hopefully learned=don't look directly at a nekid troll, it's like looking at the sun... it stays burned into your eyes for far too long.


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