Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Days Gone By

Our Family had a decent week. We took our first try at DODH mission 68.1 . We figured getting the would be less painful then getting the one from Lcea Katta (see previos post). The mission is easy, just find your way to a spot in Stoneroot Falls to get a mission flag. We sent Picka in sneak/hide for this. Then you zone into an instanced version of Stoneroot Falls and kill 25 spiders, hitting for 1kish. It took us about and hour and we were done, no deaths, no challenge... 1 upgrade for Kredd.

Then we did again in unrest. Took us about an hour, got Kredd the . We also got a ... 2 loot from 1 chest was nice. We sold this in the Bazaar.

The next night would be a short one due to limited play time, so we headed to 69.1 hard again to do some kiting. This is some of the best experience for us. Kredd kites while everyone else kills. We always have a few deaths from agro problems, but never any wipes that set us back a half hour. Elandra suprised everyone by overnuking and dying twice... go go cleric power.

We did not finish the mission due to time, but it was nice to see Kredd able to tank the first non kitable mobs on a CH rotation only from Elandra. The first time we did this one, it was fast heals all the way. Progression for us sure seems slow, but it is noticable when you revisit something you have done before and see how much easier it is. On the same note, Kredd filled his last type 7/8 augment slot, so we will be throwing out augs for him whenever he gets upgrades. That is something new for us.

Total for the week;
Exp Gained=4-5 AA each
Upgrades=2 for Kredd. and
Lessons Learned=any progress is good progress.


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