Friday, April 07, 2006


One of the challenges of multi boxing is moving everyone in a timely matter. /Follow does not work so well in places. requires you to run through past some see invis mobs, and make it into the instanced zone. Doing this with multi peeps is rough, and takes us forever. We had finished The Lost Gnomes on the normal setting, but the hard meant it would take us longer to complete, and therefore we needed to get into the zone earlier.

We started at about 8:15 and finally all 6 of us made it into the zone at 9:15. Then on the 3rd pull we got 2 unmezzable adds (don't let the enchanter pull hehe). Kredd, Zandoff and Tinybit went down fast, but Elandra managed to zone out and thankfully no mobs were on the other side of the zoneout. She zoned back in and rezzed us and saved a wipe of the night.

Kredd and Zandoff pull. Zandoff pulls with to strip off the nasty self buff called that a lot of DoDH mobs have. Then Kredd snares, Z will tash and slow, and hopefully we have the mob all ready to get mowed down once he is in camp. Now when snare doesn't land, or when we get adds, things go bad fast and the pullteam just dies rather then training the rest of the group. I think Z and K died about 10 times that night.

After 2 hours we only had 2 gnomes finished, and the first 2 rooms cleared. So with only about 45 minutes left to play we decided to clear the large 3rd room. Got another gnome fast, then had a few pullteam wipes in a row. We were now an hour past bedtime with 1 gnome left. Kredd tries splitting a 3 spawn camp but dies. "I'm done" he says from back at his spawn point. I eyed the 2 eggs at the camp, and the 3 mobs hovering over Kredd's body a short distance away.
I made a short arc around the mobs, ran by both eggs spamming my /Open key, and made another arc back to a safe spot. I turned and saw our 4th gnome tanking the 3 mobs Kredd had died to. I fired off 3 mezzes, no resists, and the gnome was still alive! After that it was a quick run to the zone, with a gnome in tow, and a quick death for Zandoff after the mezzers arived and we had finished! Gratz to the casters on their new , and to Kredd and Picka on their new , and to Picka for a new .

This was a mission that tested our playing skills, our resolve, and our characters progress equipment wise. It was one I enjoyed, but doing it again for the for Kredd will come a little later in our career hehe.


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