Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lcea Katta goes down

Wednesday we went looking for a new mask for Kredd. Lcea Katta is a perfect target because she can drop an . This have very good AC and she is one groupable. We had tried her before, long ago, but never killed her. So tonight we all headed in.

She only hits in the 800's, and is fully slowable, so she is not that tough. She does however, proc an unresistable 54 second charm. This makes things a bit tricky when your group only has 1 tank. Our plan was to bring in our 7th member, Quiwi, a level 62 druid on a seldom used account. I 3 boxed Zandoff, Phirefist, and Quiwi. Quiwi's only job was to chain cast on Kredd. Kredd went in unbuffed, so anytime he got charmed, Quiwi would strip the charm off him within 6 seconds.

Boy she has a ton of hit points. We are a damage heavy group and it was a 15 min fight. There were many points where a pet would get charmed because they hit her from the front and a reposte got them charmed. Things went well till Kredd got charmed, then Tinybit got charmed, then Zandoff got charmed, then Phirefist got charmed. I am sure there were pets charmed as well. Kredd was the first to come out of it, thanks to Quiwi. But everyone else was out of the fight a full 54 seconds. After being charmed, I never knew how close to death Lcea was. Her HP bar showed one thing on Zandoff, another on Quiwi, and another on Phirefist.

Kredd got upset at Phirefist and procedded to smash him into a bloody pile of yellow cloth before Quiwi could uncharm Kredd. Then shortly after, Lcea died. It was not a tough fight because the opponent was tough, it was tough because of the coordination needed to deal with the charm. Stacking buffs in the correct order on all but the tanks, and being able to communicate that one of your characters is charmed is key. Having everyone 2 box helps this. If one char is charmed, you just type from your other char.

She didn't drop the belt... we will see her again.

Total for the night;
Exp gained=1 kill
Upgrades=Tinybit got
Lessons Learned=After carefully stacking buffs, make sure you dispell the first one so charm doesnt land in the back. Also, having a charmed Zandoff trying to kill you is something similar to having a go after you.


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